Polymorfism (2021-2022)

This project delves into the realm of dreams and memories, conveyed through a captivating narrative. It captures the ordinary aspects of our daily lives that, when connected with certain images, objects, or places, can unlock the subconscious mind and evoke a sense of melancholic introspection. As the artist behind this work, I aim to challenge viewers' interpretations of my imagery and encourage them to explore their own personal memories. My large-scale paintings are composed of fragments of found photographs, designed to trigger a glitch in the viewer's consciousness. The attractive yet vulnerable imagery contrasts with the staged spaces they are installed in, creating a barrier between dimensions. The carefully chosen palette and painted walls aim to create a familiar atmosphere, encouraging viewers to reinvent their own memories.

Sad-sunflower, 120 X 100 cm Oil-paint on linnen canvas(2022) 

Glicht, 200 X 200 cm Oil-paint and sanding on linnen canvas (2022)

Trajectory, 120 X 100 cm Oil-paint on linnen canvas(2022) 

Late flower 60 X 50 cm Oil-paint on linnen canvas(2022) 

The big hug, 150 X 50 cm Oil-paint on linnen canvas(2020) 

The time, 140 X 100 cm Oil-paint on linnen canvas(2020) 

A personal investigation into the processes of blurring the images of a personal memory. To have more knowledge of this process it was necessary to begin by studying how we appropriate of the images of our environment to shape our memories, and analyze how certain events happen in our lives that allow us to record them as memories. So that the art project could reflect the path followed by these images in our memory, everyday objects were used as evocative of memories of sharedmomentums, and it was experienced on them with  processes that followed their course covering the object spontaneously,