Geraldo Dos Santos is an artist who explores the complexities of memory, emotions, culture, and identity in his work. His background of growing up in different countries and studying in various institutions has  influenced his artistic style and perspective. He is interested in exploring the subconscious triggers of melancholic emotions, and the ways in which our experiences shape our understanding of the world around us. He uses a narrative approach to storytelling and a wide range of mediums to create a multidimensional experience for the viewer, inviting them to reflect on their own past and experiences. His artworks depict the emulsion of things that surround us, and the subject matter is personal and shared trajectories of strange relationships. He aims to understand the consciousness of the anecdotes around him, and the role that tradition plays in shaping our understanding of memory-heritage.


Intimate past, relatable memories, narrative approach, memory-heritage, connection, tradition, identity, emulsion, personal experiences, relatability, growing up in different countries, simbiosis of tradition and identity,strange relationships, human interactions, consciousness and subconscious triggers, melancholic emotions, mental spaces, familiar gaze, personal hubris, visual sociology, symbolism, ritual artifact, aestheticization processes, ubiquity and repetition, cultural systems, solemnity and memory-heritage,