Artist curriculum vitae

Geraldo Dos Santos is an artist who explores the complexities of memory, emotions, culture, and identity in his work. His background of growing up in different countries and studying in various institutions has  influenced his artistic style and perspective. He is interested in exploring the subconscious triggers of melancholic emotions, and the ways in which our experiences shape our understanding of the world around us. He uses a narrative approach to storytelling and a wide range of mediums to create a multidimensional experience for the viewer, inviting them to reflect on their own past and experiences. His artworks depict the emulsion of things that surround us, and the subject matter is personal and shared trajectories of strange relationships. He aims to understand the consciousness of the anecdotes around him, and the role that tradition plays in shaping our understanding of memory-heritage

  • Live in Amsterdam/Rotterdam (NL).

  • Atelier practices Rotterdam (NL), Lima (PE).


  • 2023-2025 Willem de koning Academie (NL), Art education.

  • 2022-2023 Master Sint Lucas Antwerp (BE), Autonomous context (graduated Cum laude)

  • 2016-2020 Gerrit Rietveld Academie (NL), Fine-Arts (graduated).

  • Apr-2019 URBANIAHOEVE, Amsterdam (NL). (Workshop) 

  • 2015-2016 Gerrit Rietveld Academie (NL), pre-course. 

  • 2011-2014 Academia Bellas Artes (PE), ARTES PLASTICAS (painting department)



  • Sep-2017 Kunsthal Rotterdam (NL). 

  • Apr-2014 Rex Gifford Vitrales, Lima (PE).


  • 2022 Talent Programme OBJECT Rotterdam, (NL)

  • 2016 and 2017 Residency Liliana Hinojosa,Lima (PE)

  • April-2013 El Colegio Médico del Perú (CMP), Lima (PE)




  • Feb -2024 Art Rotterdam - Represented by Josilda da Conceicao Gallery Rotterdam/Fair (NL)


  • 24 - 25 -26 Nov - 10 December - TO BE ANTWERP (Group-show) Antwerp (BE)

  • 1 - 31 july - 2023 - Teach me to forget ! - Arttelex Antwerp (BE)

  • 11- 25 June -2023 - Sint Lucas Antwerp (BE), Autonomous context MFA (BE)

  • 8 - 11 June - Spring board Art fair / Utrecht (NL) (Group-show)

  • 17 - 28 may  -  The end of Highlights -  Josilda da Conceicao Gallery (NL)  (Duo-show)

  • Feb -2023 Art Rotterdam - Represented by Josilda da Conceicao Gallery Rotterdam/Fair (NL) (Group-show).


  • 23-26 juni Big ART Nederlands - ART FAIR(NL)

  • 25 Feb- 12 March
    ‘Celebraco’’ Represented by Josilda da Conceicao Gallery Amsterdam (NL) (Group-show).


  • Jun-2021 Amsterdam art week. ‘’NO PART Of THIS’’ Represented by Josilda da Conceicao Gallery - Amsterdam (NL) (Group-show).

  • ​Jun-2021 ‘’CLOSE UP, UP CLOSE’’ FWB.Agency Amsterdam(Nl(Solo-show).

  • Jan-2021 Artlodge Gallery, Antwerp (BE) (Online-show).


  • Jul-Aug 2020 Rietveld Graduation show, Amsterdam (NL).


  • jun-2019 TEXEL SEA Project, Amsterdam (NL). 

  • 2019 Galerie Hofman, Spijkenisse (NL)


  • Feb-2018 Ithaka Art Festival XXVI, LOKO, Leuven (BE) (Group-show). 

  • 2018 Galerie Hofman, Spijkenisse (NL).

  • May-2018 Da Costakade, Amsterdam (NL) (Group-show)


  • 2017 Galerie Hofman, Spijkenisse (NL). 2014

  • Sep -2014 El Colegio Médico del Perú (CMP), Lima (PE).

  • Jun - 2014 Mail museo, lima (PE) (Group-show).

  • May-2014 EL BOSQUE, lima (PE) (Group-show).


  • Dec-2013 Panamericana-ART, Lima (PE) (Group-show).

  • Nov-2013 ‘’BURDAS ‘’ Municipal de Chaclacayo (PE) (Solo-show).

Winning Awards 

  • 2014 Panamericana-ART young talent Awards, Lima (PE).



  • 2023 Grote Nederlandse Kunstkalender (NL)

  • 2022 Het Parool, Big ART- Opkomende kunstenaars. (NL)

  • 2020 Het Parool, 4x Bijzondere kunst op de afstudeerexpo van de Rietveld Academie.(NL) (Interview).

  • 2018 Grootnissewaard krant, upcoming artist, Galerie Hofman, Spijkenisse (NL).

  • 2013 El TROME, Artist leaves mark!, lima (PE) (Interview).



​"Let the brush strokes touch your soul"

Geraldo Dos Santos